Thursday, August 6, 2009

holy cow, it's Thursday

Things have been *so* busy at work this week that I haven't really had a chance to read anything interesting to link to. So I'll sum up the past week!

Friday N and I had a little adventure in UC. Heritage Days necessitated blocking off several streets in what turned out to be a pretty haphazard, unpredictable way. So our jaunt to the bowling alley was more interesting than it had any right to be. I gave up at one point and jumped out of the car to move some barriers out of our way (I did put them back). I'd never been to the bowling alley there before, but it was a happening place... a fistfight nearly broke out on top of our table. Fun.

Saturday was *awesome*. We went uptown, knowing that some people we knew would be there, and it turned into a party! N and L were both celebrating their Bday, D was there with her cousin, N's cousin was there, some old high school friends joined us, and my husband invited a few friends to stop by as well. We had a blast and took up most of the room. There was much dancing and merriment.

Not much else of note has really happened this week, other than lots of working. I did finish the last Twilight book last night. It was purely accidental and I was up way too late. We also moved the hot tub over onto the new patio, so it's ready to be refilled and back in action. If we're in town this weekend, we may have to cookout and partake of the new patio goodness.

My BIL is pulling tonight at the Preble County Fair, so I'm meeting them after work to catch a ride to Eaton. Should be fun, and S really loves fair food. Go AC orange, woo!

Julie Pickett-Hall

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