Tuesday, July 21, 2009

worst week

This has been a comically bad week so far, which is notable for only being Tuesday. It seems like every so often, I just have a series of memory lapses that are pretty troublesome. A few months ago I had the household accounts completely screwed up because I kept forgetting to pay things and transfer money from here to there.

This week so far, I've locked my keys in the car with the headlights on... leaving me stranded in the parking lot of the store with two gallons of milk, one of which was badly leaking. I then tripped and hurt myself, which I never do. When I finally got home I sat down to read a book, and the dog peed on me, which is also incredibly unusual. Our dog is very well-trained for a lapdog and goes out several times a day.

Lastly, this morning I managed to somehow lose my wedding ring. I can't even remember the last place I took it off, but I'm about 75% sure that it's in the house somewhere. I grabbed a replacement from my jewelry box before I ran out the door this morning, which made me realize that I also don't know where I put my mother's wedding ring. This could be a problem. I may be spending the next week tearing apart the house and every purse or bag I own looking for both rings.

So far I've managed to stay positive, but I can only anticipate more problems over the next few days. What other terrors will this week bring?

Update: I've actually found both rings. Mom's ring was actually in a reasonable and easy-to-find place, and my ring was behind the headboard. I must have lost it in my sleep, which stinks... it doesn't normally slip off.

Julie Pickett-Hall

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