Thursday, July 30, 2009

Susan B Anthony of Khartoum

First up today is a story about a woman who arrested in Sudan for wearing slacks. The punishment for a woman wearing slacks is 40 lashes and an unlimited fine. Lubna Hussein is fighting her punishment in court, turning her arrest into a "test case" for whether to uphold or denounce this law in Sudan. Hussein has been publicizing her case and has invited journalists to her hearings to create some press about the issue.

She seems determined to fight this out and force the court's hand to do away with dress code laws. I was especially impressed that she is willing to resign as a UN employee so that her possible immunity would not affect the outcome of the case.

Mostly what encouraged me was this:
'Scores of women, some wearing slacks and jeans, attended the case. Some waved small placards with the slogan "Lashing people is against human rights."'

Way to be inspirational, Lubna Hussein!

Julie Pickett-Hall

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