Friday, July 17, 2009


On Dead Like Me (which I've been watching on Hulu), they imply that pet reapers are all children. That makes some sense to me, since I think a child would have a hard time coming to terms with taking the souls of people. But on the other hand, doesn't that seem cruel? A lot of children have a hard time with the loss of a pet. Maybe it's nice for them that they get to see the pet move on, but watching a bunch of pets die just seems like it would be sad for a child.

Nevermind that this means pets have souls, and the whole thing really raises the question of how these pet-reapers are replaced...

Maybe just dealing with cute pets all day would be nice though, unless you have old, angry lapdogs and the like.

I love the show anyway, but I hate being reminded that my pets are going to die.

Julie Pickett-Hall

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