Tuesday, January 12, 2010

County Tourney Champs!

Despite a spate of bizarrely bad calls last night, both Winchester teams won the Randolph County Tourney last night!

Mostly I'm more interested in the girls' varsity, because I know more of the girls. They're ranked #1 in the state right now! Go ladies!!

Also I go to watch L and her sister C cheer. At one point L started a tumbling pass and was flipped into by another cheerleader who started backwards. That was really the only catastrophe of the evening. We were on the opposite end from the girls, so we weren't able to watch all that well. I love our season tickets at the fieldhouse, where we're across the court and can see all the tumbling and stuff.

Anyhow, everyone played really well last night. Those were two very exciting games.

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