Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is the internet useless?

Apparently 12.7% of US households would answer "yes" to this question.

That may seem high to some, but in reality 29% of US households don't have access to the internet. While that number is unfortunately high, it's encouraging that even among people without home internet access, majority of them recognize that it is important and useful.

Mostly, I find it very encouraging. I estimate that 30% of all people in this country willfully believe things that are demonstrably untrue (based on the last decade of our political climate). Anything less than 30% is therefore a significant victory.

That the internet is useful and sometimes even necessary has no real cause for a powerful backlash of opinion is very comforting to someone who has chosen to make a living online. So thanks to all the wingnuts out there for not posing much opposition to the acceptance of the internet. We really appreciate it.

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